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Forensic science & DNA testing are highly-technical processes requiring extreme accuracy, thoroughness, and documentation. When the two disciplines are combined, only a forensic DNA laboratory with expert, experienced forensic scientists, and critically-refined processing techniques can provide the level of performance needed to assure quality forensic DNA testing results that can withstand rigorous review.

The Sorenson Forensics Laboratory is validated to perform an extensive variety of chemistries across a diverse range of cutting-edge forensic DNA testing technology platforms. We understand the significance of our work and the lives it touches. As a result, we have developed built-in redundancies for checks and balances, introduced unparalleled quality assurance measures, and optimized processes befitting our world-class laboratory status.

We provide the essential forensic DNA expertise your team needs!


DNA analysis and forensic biology testing are scientific and therefore unbiased procedures which provide useful evidence for the prosecution and/or defense in criminal investigations. The science of forensic biology has proven to be indispensable in the investigation of sexual assaults, murders, and other violent crimes in addition to countless other crime scene scenarios.

At Sorenson Forensics, we offer three main areas of service. Our extensive experience and focused training deliver a level of commitment to quality and accuracy that supersedes all else. Together we provide answers to questions and a voice for victims.

Put our Expertise to Work at Solving Your Case Today

Put our Expertise to Work at Solving Your Case Today

Forensic DNA Testing

 In an effort to accommodate the different DNA analysis needs, we offer high throughput DNA and priority DNA services with turnaround times that will suit your needs.


F.L.E.X. Laboratory Services

Let our forensic experts become an extension of your team our lab expertise can enrich your knowledge pool. Divided into three areas, your laboratory can benefit from process improvement, validation/training, and software.



Our long-standing reputation for excellence in the industry speaks volumes about our team’s absolute dedication to precision, accuracy, collaboration and getting results for our clients. Below you will find a collage of many of our services. We listen, get to know you, and then customize solutions to help you get the job done better. Like you, we are committed to the cause of justice and victim advocacy.

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Houston PD
4,000 victims assisted
Houston Police Department
2,000 victims assisted
Los Angeles County Police
“Genetic Technologies (now Sorenson Forensics) was able to provide us with thorough and accurate testing results on short notice. Their work was instrumental in getting the state to dismiss a capital case against a client who had been wrongfully convicted and sent to death row!”
Tom Jacquinot, Public Defender , Capital Defense Division Western District State of Missouri
4,000 victims assisted
Detroit Police Department
“Genetic Technologies (now Sorenson Forensics) gave me the evidence I needed to support a conviction of a criminal Defendant for kidnap and rape. In addition to the results, Genetic Technologies provided scientific support prior to trial and unequaled expert testimony at trial.”
Edward W. Bjornstad, Prosecuting Attorney, Dickson County, Iowa
1,000 victims assisted
Colorado Bureau of Investigation
Proud Partner
The American Investigative Society of Cold Cases

700 victims assisted

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation


DNA-based solutions that make a difference, solve cases and improve lab efficiency.


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