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Sorenson Forensics, a technology leader in Forensics lab DNA testing, DNA Database and Software applications is now leading the industry with multi-biometrics. Sorenson Digital Biometrics, with state-of-the-art technologies for fingerprint, palm print, face, voice, iris and DNA.

Forensic Software Product Solutions

Used globally in public security and civil identity applications such as criminal investigation, forensics, security access control, immigration, finance, social benefits, education, and transportation.

  • Proven technology with installations globally
  • Modular design so you can easily add new functionality and performance
  • Scalable solution. Can start out small and grow to massive volumes able to process 100’s of millions of searches in real time
  • Compatible with most industry standard scanners and security cameras
  • Best algorithms in the industry for fast and accurate searches of large database
  • Robust back end system to support your requirements

The underlying ABIS technologies represent more than one hundred software copyrights and more than fifty invention patents. ABIS systems are configured to scale from a small installation to a massive implementation involving hundreds of millions of records and can accommodate a wide range of input devices. ABIS is ISO9001: 201 5 certified and includes the most advanced biometric algorithms in the world. Click here to learn more.


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