Sorenson Forensics and Genetic Technologies

In late September, I was invited by a longtime friend and principal shareholder of Sorenson Forensics to tour and assess the organizational structure and operations. “New eyes” are powerful tools for a company always striving for perfection. In a fully objective and systematic manner, we combed through facilities, equipment and finally, the leadership and culture within Sorenson.

Arriving at Sorenson Forensics, I discovered that the facility had been designed and perfected over the years to specifically address a Forensic Biology workflow. I observed flawless separation existed between pre and post-amplification sections. Arrays of the finest as well as the most modern equipment available to the forensic industry already in place. The laboratory was best described as “industrial” in depth of analytical instrumentation, all of which impeccably maintained. It was awe inspiring to tour the facility.

During the visit, I recognized the depth of both talent and capacity at Sorenson Forensics. I could instantly see how a merger with GTI and its quality-centric culture would compliment both laboratories and make perfect sense. The answer was simple in concept—marry the “quality first” culture from GTI with Sorenson Forensics’ talent pool and massive throughput capabilities. The merger was put into motion wherein the results have been amazing, and more importantly, measurable.

As a result of this brand and resources merger, Genetic Technologies and Sorenson Forensics are excited to share with you the fresh new look to our logo, our new website, and more importantly many new valuable services.

We stand tall with a unified vision, renewed in our passion for excellence and an unparalleled dedication to the highest level of quality. Together we can offer our customers the same amazing expertise, passion, and dedication they value, with an increase in resources and specialized services.

I am excited to announce to you this new merger and serve as the organization’s new CEO—there is no doubt “a new sheriff is in town”. As a customer, you can be assured your confidence in Genetic Technologies and now Sorenson Forensics is well founded. Please feel free to contact me any time to discuss our commitment to you.