Project Description

Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS)

Fingerprint, Palm Print, Face, Voice, Iris, & DNA.

The underlying ABIS technologies represent more than one hundred software copyrights and more than fifty invention patents. It is ISO9001: 201 5 certified and having the most advanced biometric algorithms in the world. Leading the industry with multi-biometrics, Sorenson Forensics Biometrics are used globally in public security and civil identity applications such as criminal investigation, forensics, security access control, immigration, finance, social benefits, education, and transportation.

ABIS is currently deployed in many different security organizations throughout the world. Our comprehensive products and services provide benefits to all aspects of operations. One of the biggest advantages of the ABIS system is it can be configured to scale from a small installation to a massive implementation involving hundreds of millions of records and can accommodate a wide range of input devices.


AFPIS (Automatic Fingerprint and Palm Identification System) is a typical representative of the domestic large-capacity, high-precision, high-speed biometric identification technology, is designed to address all identification challenges, has the biometric experts, police precincts, law enforcement agencies, is also used for civil and border control markets.

AFPIS is a comprehensive range of products centered on an innovative automated Biometric Identification System that provides real-time identification of suspects and criminals. An intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) which can be customized and applied uniformly across all workstations, supporting dual screen displays

Compliance with international standards set by ANSI/NIST and the FBI

BIE (Biometric Identification Engine)

It is a cross-platform software and hardware solution of multi-modal biometric identification including the face, fingerprint, palm print, and iris.

  • The system can be applied in biometric identification projects of tens of millions of records
  • The system can be supplied as a ready-to-use solution or as a software running on a common PC
  • The system can provide fast matching speed up to one hundred million faces (one face image for each person), or two million fingerprints (four prints for each person), or two million iris (one image for each person) per second
Multi-biometrics Auto Recognition Intelligent Gate Terminal (E-GATE)

An intelligent terminal with a facial scanner camera can be integrating with fingerprint scanner, id card reader and others for border control applications. It is used for self-check-in at a subway stop, public security checkpoint, road passenger terminals, railway passenger transport, as well as other circumstances for self-identification

Facial Recognition Devices

At entrances or exits of borders, with facial identification cameras, facial recognition has great advantages over other biometrics solutions. It enables to recording and archiving at a distance and help identify a person in real-time. Face recognition technology requires no contact with the target, making it convenient for big events security, surveillance for key locations, campus and living community face recognition, etc.

Mobile Application

Mobile Phone Verification APPs have been widely used in industry for the convenience of providing services to mobile customers. Mobile phone APP can also be used by police officers for patrol control.

As in the following scenario, mobile phone verification app is used to in facial likeness face check as well as automatic biometric authentication with face, voice, and fingerprints. Can also integrate with interactive glasses.


The team of forensic scientists here at Sorenson Forensics pursue a quality-centric directive. This passion for a quality first culture embodies our mission, drives our persistence and delivers our dedication to truth. We understand the signification and importance our work has on the lives it touches. We do not take this responsibility lightly, as a result, we have developed built-in redundancies for checks and balances, introduced unparalleled quality assurance measures, and optimized processes befitting our world-class laboratory status.


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