Project Description

There are times when confirming the family relationship as part of a criminal investigation can be a key piece of evidence.  For example, determining the paternal relationship between a child and the alleged father may be critical in a sexual assault investigation.  Sorenson Forensics is qualified to process these items in accordance with chain of custody of compliance, but also the paternity statistical analysis.

Paternity Relationships

In addition to basic paternity relationship, we can provide complex kinship calculations such as sibship, half-sibship, and grandparentage analysis for criminal investigations.


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The team of forensic scientists here at Sorenson Forensics pursue a quality-centric directive. This passion for a quality first culture embodies our mission, drives our persistence and delivers our dedication to truth. We understand the signification and importance our work has on the lives it touches. We do not take this responsibility lightly, and as a result, we have developed built-in redundancies for checks and balances, introduced unparalleled quality assurance measures, and optimized processes befitting our world-class laboratory status.