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Lab Validations
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We are an industry leader in providing fully-collaborative and accredited chemistry and automation validation services for all sizes and types of laboratories. Our validation team becomes a natural extension of your organization by providing the services you need without disrupting workflow. We do all difficult validation work and interpretation from start to finish so your staff can devote critical time and resources to casework, not validation. Your lab can adopt the latest technology faster.

Off-site Assistance: Act as consultants as you perform your own experiments.

On-site Assistance: Send one or several of our highly-trained scientists to your lab to perform these experiments alongside your staff.

DNA Forensic Lab Validation Services

Have confidence that your methods are robust, reliable, and reproducible. Sorenson Forensics provides both chemistry and automation validation services for all types of DNA labs, including those specializing in forensics. Our forensic DNA laboratory validation services include the validation of forensic serology, DNA extraction, quantification, and amplification procedures (STRs: mini-STR and Y-STR), as well as instrumentation, robotics, and process-flow efficiencies.

Chemistry Lab Validation

• Validation of DNA testing procedures for all commercially-available extraction, quantification, and amplification kits
• Analysis of validation data and compilation of results into an organized binder and written report
• Upon completion of validation, assistance in training laboratory staff to implement new procedures into the current workflow

Lab Validation Automation
  • Validation of robotic platforms through script-writing, performance check-testing, troubleshooting, and optimization
  • Integration of automation instrumentation with the laboratory’s information management system
  • Analysis of validation data and compilation of results into an organized binder and written report
  • Upon completion of validation, specialized training for lab staff in the use and capabilities of new automation equipment

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The team of forensic scientists here at Sorenson Forensics pursue a quality-centric directive. This passion for a quality first culture embodies our mission, drives our persistence and delivers our dedication to truth. We understand the signification and importance our work has on the lives it touches. We do not take this responsibility lightly, and as a result, we have developed built-in redundancies for checks and balances, introduced unparalleled quality assurance measures, and optimized processes befitting our world-class laboratory status.