Project Description

eSolve Takes DNA Database Searching to the Next Level

eSolve DNA Indexing System is a recent enhancement to the eDNA LIMS SuiteeSolve takes DNA Database searching to the next level. eSolve and the eDNA database run in parallel, however multiple eDNA systems can point to a shared eSolve Database allowing interagency database search capabilities.

The “many to one” concept is familiar for crime laboratories, e.g. CODIS and NDIS. eDNA expands on these capabilities.

eSolve additionally provides full haplotype and familial search capabilities in addition to the single source ↔ mixture, mixture ↔ mixture, and single-source ↔ single-source search algorithms for both autosomal and haplotypes.

eSolve provides robust autosomal and haplotype searches for mixtures and single-source samples. The proprietary mixture to mixture tool adds great depth to your crime-solving capabilities. Combine haplotype and autosomal for familial searches, designate a profile within a mixture for familial searching, or any combination of those.


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