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Lean Six Sigma Program

Do you need to do more with less?
We’ve been there too and we understand!

Today’s forensic labs face more pressure than ever to keep up with the demand to produce test results quickly, but without sacrificing quality.  The addition of staff and/or new technology are not always possible and may not always produce the desired results!  Achieving higher levels of performance and productivity really can happen by incorporating Lean Six Sigma methodology into your laboratory operations.

What is Laboratory Lean Six Sigma?

Laboratory Lean Six Sigma is a proven process improvement approach that reduces waste, variation, and defects, which results in improved quality, turnaround times, and capacity.  LSS is implemented by following the DMAIC framework:

DEFINE: the high impact areas of improvement and desired outcome(s)
MEASURE: the current state of your operations
ANALYZE: the data and confirm the root causes of the problem(s)
IMPROVE: the process and pilot your solutions
CONTROL: implement measures to ensure improvements are sustained

Lean Six Sigma Results

Upon completion of a process improvement project using Laboratory Lean Six Sigma methodology, your team will have the skills and tools to foster a culture of continuous improvement in your laboratory.

What does Laboratory Lean Six Sigma training include?

Laboratory Lean Six Sigma project training includes:

  • On-site and remote training by certified Black/Green Belt practitioners
  • Training materials, practice assignments, reference books
  • Access to an online project management tool to help coordinate project tasks and serve as a document repository
  • Pilot period to verify solutions prior to full implementation
  • Optional LSS Green Belt Certification […LEARN MORE]

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The team of forensic scientists here at Sorenson Forensics pursue a quality-centric directive. This passion for a quality first culture embodies our mission, drives our persistence and delivers our dedication to truth. We understand the signification and importance our work has on the lives it touches. We do not take this responsibility lightly, as a result, we have developed built-in redundancies for checks and balances, introduced unparalleled quality assurance measures, and optimized processes befitting our world-class laboratory status.


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